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Work with the top-rated executive coach, Clive Kaplan CA(SA) and find out what exceptionally powerful things coaching can do for you.

Clive Kaplan


Green Mind Capital

Human development has been scientifically proven to be the process of enlarging people’s opportunities and improving their wellbeing. At the heart of this holistic subject is career development. This is the lifelong process of managing learning, work and transitions in order to move towards a personally determined and evolving preferred future. One executive coaching company playing a prominent role in this regard across the world is Green Mind Capital.

Our professional executive coaching construct focuses on assisting executives, especially emerging young CA’s, in maximising their potential and fast tracking their careers.

Green Mind Capital is a leading force when it comes to assisting you in becoming an effective C-Suite executive. Expect to uncover your true value, and become an imposing and effective executive.

Part of being an effective coach is keeping up-to-date with pertinent developments. Green Mind Capital ensures that it keeps abreast of all the latest developments in disruption and Industrial 4.0. Keen interest is taken in important topics such as Block chain and Integrated Thinking. You can be assured that your interactions with our company will be punctuated with the latest significant developments in the future and the impact on personal development and business.



Clive Kaplan is the pioneer and brains behind Green Mind Capital and is the current CEO of this thriving executive and life coaching firm. With over 25 years’ experience as an Executive and Board Director in both listed and unlisted companies, Clive remains an accomplished and highly rated executive coach.

Clive has an enviable amount of executive experience in both human and business development. Coupled tremendous personal journey. Clive has positioned himself as a leading executive and transformational coach. In the process he has clocked up thousands of hours of dedicated one-on-one coaching.

Clive is also an accomplished writer who has authored over 140 of leading articles on the subject of executive development. He also is the person behind the ‘winQs’ series which appears regularly on the Linkedln network. All of this is testimony to depth of knowledge on various topics such as financial management, operations, job search and confidence building. Refer to Linkedin for a listing of Clive’s latest blogs.

Clive’s professional credibility and service to the community remains unquestionable. He is a mentor for ORT Jet and The Hope Factory, (a SAICA initiative). He also works closely with the More To Life Program, all on a voluntary basis.

Away from his corporate commitments, Clive is very passionate about history, specifically around the Anglo-Boer War era and collects books relating to this period. He also has a tongue-in-cheek fascination with the President Paul Kruger’s hidden treasure (commonly known as the Kruger Millions) and is somewhat of an authority on the subject.

He is also an avid walker and swimmer with special interest in photography. His family life is just as flourishing as his career. Clive is married to Adrienne and has two young children – Bianca aged 16 and Daniel aged 11. He lives with his family in Johannesburg, South Africa.


What the Course Entails


Executive-Competency can be substantially improved by using an experienced high level coach. You can count on Green Mind Capital to deliver one of the best technical coaching models on this topic.


Our executive coaching plan has been designed to uncover hidden potential and true value through a tailor-made question/answer and mentoring process.


Strategic relationships drive the executive process. This is at the centre of our executive coaching plan. Clive Kaplan has over the years become a top-rated executive counsellor in this space.


Executive coaching training professionals to gain the recognition and right to be included and consulted on the important strategic issues.


Our personal and executive coaching process equips you to step up comfortably into the executive space by exhibiting an imposing executive presence.


Green Mind Capital has developed unique methods to assist professionals to shift their mind-set from being an ordinary manager to an influential and effective executive.


A major component of executive presence is the development and growth of your personal brand. This is a continuous theme that underpins the coaching model.


Corporate leadership demands that the boss is in charge. A manager will not develop into an executive if they are not in charge of his team. Through our executive coaching techniques, you will learn how to take control of your team and be an executive competent boss.


Building character of strength is part of our executive and business coaching. This aspect of coaching empowers employees to thrive and win the bosses approval on merit.


Green Mind Capital prides itself on assisting you grow your executive persona. Networking is fundamental to being an persuasive executive. Without changing your personality you will learn to present yourself in a powerful way. This further solidifies your personal brand and executive presence.


What Our Clients Have to Say

I thought I had reached a point in my career where I needed guidance from someone I had never interacted with‚ somebody I believe would be objective because we never talked about my personal experience. I was looking for someone who could assist in shaping my career. After going through different recommendations on LinkedIn, it was at that point that I realised that Clive would be able to help. I went through six weeks program where I got exposed to different tools that I can use to enhance my career. This eye-opening program allowed me to rediscover myself and contribute positively to how I view things. I was able to gain back my confidence after attending these sessions. It is always beneficial to implement the learnings from the sessions. They were more practical, and it was easier to see the difference. I will recommend these sessions to anyone who wants to rediscover themself.

Tshifhiwa Musetsho Pr.Eng, M.Eng, MBA  – Engineering Manager

I recently finished the 7-session Executive Coaching Program with Clive. He was professional, smart, and helpful.  He understood what I needed and gave me good ideas. He always tried hard to solve problems and was always  available when I needed him. He didn’t watch the clock and put in extra time to make sure I understood everything.  One thing that was really helpful was Clive’s advice about keeping a scorecard to measure how much value you’re adding.  It helped me stay motivated and understand how things work in the company. I’ve already started using what I learned and I think it’s made a difference.  I would definitely recommend this program. Clive was a great teacher, easy to talk to, and he really knows his stuff.

Leonard Mundida CA(SA)  –  Data Analyst

I decided to find myself a coach last year because I wanted some fresh views on my career. I chose Clive because he is a CA(SA) like myself and I thought he’d have a greater understanding of my circumstances. The whole coaching experience was an eye-opener for me. Working with a person who could give me honest feedback without pulling punches taught me a lot about myself, particularly my strengths that I forgot that I had. This has enhanced my confidence and allowed me to step more boldly into my role. From here out I am now aiming for the top of the game!

Nthanyiseni Dhumazi CA(SA) MBA – Chief Financial Officer

*Executive Coaching Program – 2018* Having completed the 6 part platinum coaching course with Clive Kaplan as my Coach and Mentor, Clive really helped me to understand my value as a CA(SA) as a Professional in business. Clive creatively illuminated key ingredients to unlock my true potential and executive presence and showed me how to shift my mindset.


*CEO Coaching Program – 2021* I’ve recently completed Clive’s CEO coaching program. I have always found working with Clive a great experience. He keeps me focused on the bigger picture both in the company strategy as well as my own personal strategy. Clive pulls no punches, he tells it as it is. His approach encourages me to see myself at the top of the game. I extract great value from the sessions and each session challenges me to look at myself in a bigger way and it has been extremely valuable to me. Thank you for a great program.

Shaun Streaton CA(SA) – Chief Executive Officer

I started a new role and was looking for an Executive Coach who could help me adjust to demands of my new role. I had been through a few managerial development courses in my career but they tended to be theoretical and not based in reality. I wanted something that would be challenging but relevant to the real world. Not knowing where to start, I did a quick Google search and found Clive’s name. I was impressed by the numerous recommendations on his website and LinkedIn profile so I decided to give him a shot. From our first meeting, I was sold on Clive’s program. It felt like it was tailored to my needs. Every session provided practical insights that we were easy to implement. I saw immediate results and found my confidence grew in leaps and bounds. Clive helps to position you as an Exec and to feel like you belong in the corporate game. He is honest, encouraging and empathetic. If you dedicate yourself to the sessions and apply your learnings, you will see tremendous value in the Executive program. He helps to get into the inner circle where you can expand your sphere of influence. If you are looking for meaningful progress, I recommend Clive’s coaching program.

Njabulo Dlamini, CA (SA), MBA. –  Chief Financial Officer

I decided to sign up to Clive’s professional coaching sessions at a point in my career when I felt ready for a change but just didn’t know what or how. Clive opened me up to a deeper level of understanding in terms of the behavioral characteristics in the executive space. Little did I know that I was in the middle of a game. I’m now so much more aware of personality traits and feel equipped to deal with relationships in the workspace. For the first time in my career, I feel empowered by the knowledge that I gained on his coaching course and would definitely recommend Clive for professionals wanting to progress in their career.

Pranisha (Mistry) Nagar (CA) SA  – Group Finance Manager

I can only rave about the executive coaching package that I recently completed with Clive. The things that I learnt were extremely valuable and the best part was that I was immediately able to apply my learnings in my work environment. I was amazed at what  difference this made to my positioning and how I can affect the perception of other colleagues to me. Before starting  the program I was comfortably trundling along as a financial manager. I quickly realized that my behaviours I were playing me out of the executive space (they were slowly getting me managerial accolades such as promotions to Snr Fin Manager . When I applied the stuff that I was learning, I experienced a miraculous change in the way my boss and other senior executives treated me. I now feel part of the executive inner circle. Besides being an informative program, the thing that stands out for me the most is how practical it was & insightful it is.  I have now commenced Module II and expect it to deliver even more value to my career.

Lawrence Dipudi, CA (SA) – Business Finance Director SSA

I got a lot of value out of Clive’s program. I believe the most value for me personally, was an enlightenment. An awareness that there were subtle nuances in my interactions with others, and their own with each other and myself, that to a large extent I maybe wasn’t aware of before. It made it a lot easier to recognise the points on which to engage, where to let go, and when to leave space for a response. I feel better equipped all round and have come to the realisation that perhaps not everything needs to be taken personally. At the end of the day, I’ve needed to apply Clive’s invaluable guidance to my own life while still remaining authentic to myself. Clive’s program gives one the tools to position oneself to your own advantage. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, and Clive’s program has helped with some blind spots which are not always easy, but necessary when you want to grow. Thank you, Clive for your insight

Ulandy Gribble CA(SA) – Financial Manager

I completed the Executive Coaching programme, and was taken aback by the deeply insightful content and advice Clive was able to share. His experience and perspective are tremendously valuable. Look forward to utilising these insights and exposure in the executive arena.

Zaffy Loot BSc MBA[UCT] – Lead: Strategy and Enterprise Architecture

I worked with Clive as I wanted to have a relook at my career objectives. I found him easy to talk to and his experience as an executive director was extremely valuable in helping me redirect my career.


Muhammad Jadwat CA(SA), MBA (GIBS) – Founder and Principal

Some years ago I did Clive’s original executive program and had excellent results – I was quickly promoted to a more senior role and have surged forward ever since. I recently completed Clive’s new advanced CFO program and again found it excellent. I have no doubt that this will take me forward in a different way as my whole way of thinking has changed. I have a much more holistic view of my role as CFO and the value will definitely come through both for myself and my employer”. Many thanks for your support. Your opinion is valuable to me.

Alvin Naidoo CA(SA), CGMA – Director of Finance

On the recommendation of an executive colleague, I decided to get some career coaching. With extensive experience in financial management, found myself feeling bored and demotivated. I currently hold a CFO position in one of the divisions of a big listed conglomerate. I searched LinkedIn for possible coaches and was drawn to Clive because of his years of practical experience at executive level. I have been in my current position for 9 years and needed to re-vitalize my career. Working with Clive opened my eyes to a lot of things. It was a great experience for me. He identified with my situation immediately and moved forward to help me capitalize on my strengths. I began to see myself in a different light. I also began to see that I am the master of my own destiny – this was very empowering. In summary, the 6-session course was very valuable and I would recommend it to any executive.


Danie Ferreira ACMA, CGMA (CIMA) – Chief Financial Officer

I highly recommend the executive coaching program. I found it extremely valuable. All the sessions were via ZOOM and it worked well. Clive is very geared up for online sessions and has a number of engaging interactive slides. I also liked the fact that Clive works on Sundays.   Having been coached by Clive so early in my career will definitely a distinct advantage going forward.

Glory Indongo CA(NAM) – Head: Management Accounting

I have had a professional association with Clive since 2016.   During this time, Clive played an important role in my development as an executive who could interact confidently and effectively as the Managing Director of the Sub-Saharan Operation of a German Multinational.   Clive focuses on achieving personal goals. He asks probing questions on key executive relationships, interactions and experiences and suggests possible alternative situational approaches.  His central theme was always my personal value proposition to the organisation.   Clive’s role and interaction on company boards has provided him with many useful insights and I strongly recommend using Clive to gain an edge in the competitive corporate space.


Brian Kuhnert – Pr Eng, BCompt, MBA – Chief Executive Officer

This is my first month in my new role as CFO. When I reflect where I was 6 months ago in comparison to my present situation, the change has been big. From finding myself at a dead end, I decided to search out the assistance of a coach to help me formulate the way forward. I took Clive’s 6-session executive program as I had been following for some time on LinkedIn. It was a very useful program. Specifically, working with Clive helped me reframe myself, and instead of becoming upset and emotional, I was able to keep a clear focus on the way forward. The program worked well for me. Clive comes highly recommended.

Sandeep Vassan Makan CA(SA), ACMA CGMA
Financial Director at Spanjaard

Having completed the 6 part platinum coaching course with Clive Kaplan as my Coach and Mentor, I can give testimony that Clive really helped me to understand my value as a CA(SA) and a Professional in business. Clive creatively illuminated key ingredients to unlock my true potential and executive presence and showed me how to shift my mindset to that of an Executive. We had amazing discussions about understanding margins and the simplicity of business and opportunities as well as better understanding the workplace for a CA. The most important aspect is that I walked into the consulting studio feeling insecure and left with new drive and passion. I hope to be a long term client and sincerely look forward to working with Clive again.

Shaun S.
Chief Executive Officer at UTF, Former Finance Director at UTF – Real Estate

I signed up for the 7 hour Coach the Coach package and it was undoubtedly the best investment I made for my career. Clive has the unique ability to find those hidden strengths and capabilities that leave you believing that you can do so much more that you initially thought possible. He challenged my assumptions and changed my perception and this helped me gain clarity on the direction that I should be taking. I highly recommend investing in his packages if you want to change careers or to simply find the motivation to expand on your current career. You will not be disappointed!

Mohini Soman
Labour Law Specialist Consultant & Business Executive Coach

I’ve worked with Clive for 6 months to advance my career to the next level. Over this time he helped me develop a number of strategies to counter obstacles including manipulative and narcissistic influences which so often tend to obstruct value potentials. Clive has an incredible way of getting straight to the heart of issues which has helped to get closer to the truly best value prospect which I could be creating. Ultimately he’s taught me more on the rules of the game and how to play into the “game” with a vengeance. Simple, powerful and effective. He’s a wise and methodical coach and is clearly passionate and dedicated to the work that he does. I would highly recommend going through the coaching process with him.

Mark T Handler CA(SA), MPhil (Future Studies)
Finance Executive

I found Clive’s course and approach to be totally different from any other I had previously attended or heard of. He focuses on the areas you need to develop, what to look out for in the work space and how to respond to situations, how to enhance your own personal brand and how to empower yourself. I enjoyed all our meetings and highly recommend this course.

Andries Ferreira
Finance Director, CA(SA), Master of Business Leadership

I signed-up with Clive for his Executive Coaching and at first I must admit, was quite skeptical. As our interactions progressed however Clive helped clarify my personal, professional and spiritual goals. The result? Within a space of 12 months I transitioned into the exciting energy industry as an Executive Director at a high growth company. I now feel more confident and capable. As an executive coach, Clive helped facilitate this transition and the guidance from his sessions transformed my life! I recommend any ambitious CA (SA) struggling to find themselves in this complex world to give his style of coaching a go – you’ll see yourself drastically evolve for the better!

Nkosinathi M. Hlophe CA(SA), M.Inst.D
Executive in the Energy Industry | Helping customers run their boilerhouse sustainably for the least cost.

I have known Clive for over 4 years now and have travelled with him on his own journey in building his coaching business. I am an executive CA(SA). I have found Clive great to work with. He has helped me in a number of ways but more particularly he has helped me see myself and my own personal qualities much more clearly. Clive is blatantly honest – what he sees he expresses. At at the same time he does it in a way that you can use effectively. He is always specific so that you make the changes and improvements to take you forward. Clive has been a great mentor to me and I always value his opinion. I openly recommend Clive as a great person to work with.

Ashnee Maharaj CA(SA)
Professional and Business Coach | Trainer & Entrepreneur

Clive is an exceptional executive coach. He is gifted and thoroughly experienced in coaching professionals/executives on how to navigate the corporate world from a position of strength. I highly recommend Clive.

Annemarie Meyer CA (SA)
Finance at Stockdale Street

I’m a sceptical guy by nature. My experience and training has taught me to be cautious especially around fancy sales people with false promises. I met Clive at a time when I was looking for more in my career. Our first meeting was interesting – I found his take on executive presence different and some of the stuff resonated with me. Quite honestly if he did not offer a money back guarantee, I would not have ventured in even though my company was paying. I found the sessions vibrant and lively. I have my own ideas but was willing to hear different opinions. The bottom line is that I did not ask for my money back. I got some interesting insights and the tactics that Clive introduced did work. All in all, the course was valuable.

Avinash Ramnarain CA(SA) MBA
CFO at Deutz Diesel Power a subsidiary of Hudaco Trading

I found Clive Kaplan and his articles on LinkedIn and started following him a couple of years ago. I knew about him when he was still a recruiter of CA (SA)’s and looked into his background. He was also a Chartered Accountant, so I was confident that he knew what he was talking about when it came to the Chartered Accountancy profession. When I saw that Clive started to coach CA’s I got interested in the service that he rendered. At first I was a bit reluctant to go for business and skills coaching and mentoring, but after each session I had with him I felt more empowered. His program has helped me tremendously in gaining confidence in the workplace and to set me on a path of further personal development. Thank you Clive.

Wouter Kritzinger (CA)SA
Chief Financial Officer at H.A.S.S Group Southern Africa

Working with Clive was a unique experience. His program was thought provoking as well as informative. I found it extremely useful. Clive helped me get perspective on the next move in my career. He also confirmed parts of me that I knew were there but wasn’t able to articulate properly. This was incredibly valuable to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and my interactions with Clive. If you want something decidedly different but very practical, this could be the program for you.

Yusuf Dukander CA(SA)
Financial Director – Group Services

After approaching my boss on career prospects once again, he did something I least expected. He recommended that I get myself some coaching. I am a CA(SA) with 9 years post-article experience and I was quite stuck in my job. I was bored and stuck. I was also surprised because my company had done nothing to help me grow myself. Finding the right coach is not easy. I remembered that there was this guy Clive Kaplan who writes a lot of articles on LinkedIn. He was a CA(SA) with many years’ experience as an executive. He offers a free consultation. After meeting him in person and giving it lots of thought, I decided to take the 6 session program. I was surprised. From the first session I felt change in myself. Everything I believed about my company and my boss was being confirmed by my coach! For me it was a great experience and I have never been the same again. I feel in touch with myself. I see my potential and my value and this has given me the confidence to get into the job market and find the position that I want. Where before I was a victim of my circumstances, Clive helped me empower myself. For me working with Clive has been very good

Bandile Nxele CA(SA)
Financial Manager

I was looking to find a coach that might help me with my career trajectory. I have been following Clive on LinkedIn for some time so when he contacted me I thought I should go and meet him. Clive is an experienced CA(SA) with many years in corporate. He explained to me how he saw the game-play in the workplace and specifically with manager/executive relationship. I realised that I was caught up in this web. I thought that the 6-session package that he offers would be beneficial. I have now completed the course and, looking back, it has really opened my eyes and has given me a significant edge and awareness to position myself very differently. It was a very useful and revealing program.

Thembeka Mthethwa CA (SA)
General Manager: Finance

I have been working with Clive for a year now. His advice and knowledge about the corporate world has proven to be very useful. He seems to know a lot about every topic and his analysis of the mindset of corporate people are spot on. He also assists with analyzing your strengths and weaknesses. It is good to hear your strengths from a 3rd party and also to hear ways to work around your weaknesses. I have completed his 6 session program but still chat to him regularly for advice. Clive is a great resource to have available at your disposal.

Sunith Varkey CA(SA)
Finance manager at one of the largest companies within the Bidvest group.

I am the CFO of a property company focused on the residential property sector and I have just completed the 6-session Executive Presence Coaching program with Clive. I found the program very interesting and it opened my eyes to what goes on in the executive space. This has helped me position myself very differently and has resulted in a significant change in the way I am experiencing myself. I have an improved level of confidence and have re-positioned myself in such a way that I now am much more empowered and in control. It was a great program and would openly recommend it to any executive that is looking to grow themselves.

Neville Fowler CA(SA)
Chief Financial Officer

Clive sent me a personal e-mail to attend a 1 (one) hour free consultation. During the free hour session, I realised Clive has the knowledge, experience and skill to assist me in my career goals. I studied part-time through UNISA, did my articles at small audit firm and passed CTA and board exams on the first attempt. I was always a little ashamed, that I did not go to the big four or studied full time, but Clive made me realise what an accomplishment it is to actually work and study at the same time, and also to pass the board exams on my first attempt. He was so impressed that he offered me his 6-course programme at half price.
During this 6-course programme, Clive made me realise my true potential and thanks to him I am now pursuing my passion. Thanks Clive, I will be forever grateful. You changed my life.

Annalene Mare CA(SA) RA
Audit Quality Director at Leaf Quality

I am the MD of a large family owned business. I am an engineer by profession and have recently completed a MBA.I have been working with Clive for nearly a year now and have gained lots of value from the coaching. The biggest advantage of the coaching is the support and objective opinions that I get from Clive. Sitting at the top is hard enough, especially as I have come up through the ranks and my C-Suite members all wanted the MD position.
Clive helps me keep perspective on what it looks like at the top end of the executive food-chain. My environment is exactly as Clive explained to me in the beginning: being an executive is very different to being a manager. He has helped me successfully make this transition and also helped me position myself to maximum benefit. His coaching has been very useful and has added a lot of value to my role.
I have also sent my C-Suite members on his 6-session package and have seen significant changes. Working with Clive has been great.

Kevin Reynders
Managing Director at Rham Equipment

Clive has been extremely beneficial to our business and myself personally. His positive attitude to the world resonates during our consultations and has been incredibly beneficial. Clive has assisted us with a focused sales approach which has seen our business grow in excess of 20% in the last 4 months. I am truly grateful to Clive for his guidance and professionalism through all of our interactions. Thank you Clive once again.

Ryan Coates CA (SA)

I started Clive’s executive 6-session package a few months ago and I finished up a week ago. I was a bit disappointed because the course finished sooner than I wanted it to and would like more sessions with Clive as this course was more informative and gave more perspective and direction to my career path. I absolutely enjoyed working with Clive, I learnt a lot. His course is all about how to operate effectively in the executive space. It was a real eye-opener. I never realised how easily one can be manipulated. The thing is, once I saw the moves, I just positioned myself differently. The result: My personal power began to flow back to me. It was incredible how it worked. I just know I will never go back to being that approval-seeking disempowered person. Through the duration of the program I also had a difficult situation to deal with in my role as Treasurer of my church organisation. Clive really helped me with this. He assisted me in framing my approach and it worked well for me. I can see that he is a seasoned executive and is skilled in the executive game. I found working with Clive extremely valuable and got a lot out of the program. I loved it when he said to me that in 5 years time I should be earning R10m pa – that is where I now see myself!

Ndidinwangani (Booi) Mpye CA (SA)
Finance Executive

I had been following Clive’s articles on LinkedIn and a lot of the points he raised were pertinent to my own situation. Being the first CFO of a group of previously family owned companies, I was not making my way into the executive inner circle. I took the 6 session package as I liked the course topics. The work has had a profound impact on me. Suddenly I am being included and treated like the CFO. Clive taught me tactics to position myself where I wanted to be. He made me aware of the executive game-play and it was so obvious even though the issues were very subtle. The program works. I feel dramatically transformed. Every CA(SA) should take this program. The results are astonishing and I am grateful for Clive’s insights and guidance.

Botwe Kraziya
CFO at Anglo-V3 Crane Hire

I am a CA(SA) that came up the hard way. I was born in the rural area of the Eastern Cape and had to work exceedingly hard to get my qualification. It was an enormous undertaking and, at the risk of sounding a bit arrogant, I am very proud of my achievements. This is a recent thing for me. It was Clive who brought this out in me. When we first met he was flabbergasted at how I was able to become a CA(SA) from such humble beginnings. He was so overwhelmed at my achievements that he offered to coach me completely for free. He was so impressed that he was prepared to give me this coaching because he said he knew, because of my strong character, I would use it with commitment and resourcefulness. This was a big eye-opener for me. I had never seen myself this way. And it has changed me. I’m different because I have connected with my own unique value. Thank you Clive. Firstly for your willingness to have faith in me and secondly, and more importantly, for helping see my own true value. It was great working with Clive. It’s an experience that all Ca’s should take advantage of. I learnt an enormous amount.

Asiphe Nogqala
CA (SA) | Manager at PwC

I was introduced to Clive via one of my work colleagues. I went for the complementary session just to have a look. I found Clive very different in his approach given that I had been on a coaching program with an industrial psychologist before him. He is well informed and up-to-date on a number of modern topics. His thinking is very different and refreshing! I was intrigued with the way he explained the corporate executive game – and could relate much of what he was sharing to what I had seen and was seeing in my own circumstances. I’ve just finished the last of 6 sessions. Looking back it was very helpful. I feel I’m much more aware of the game-plays and this is definitely giving me an edge. What I appreciated the most about the program is the way Clive builds on scenario’s that may be at play without ever asking or expecting you to contradict your personal beliefs or ethical values. The program comes highly recommended.

Bradley Putzier CA(SA)
Head of Finance: Business Partnering at Idwala Industrial Holdings

I came across Clive’s programme on LinkedIn and decided to make contact and learn more about his offering. On meeting Clive, I was intrigued by his insights into the corporate game and decided to do the 6 – session programme. Clive has a way of homing in on the issues that need resolving. I can say that I found all the sessions very valuable. I have developed a new perspective on my current environment and used this to position myself differently. It was very valuable working with an experienced CA executive who has such a holistic and top down view.

Javan Cloete CA (SA)
CFO at Enza Construction

I hold a senior position in a software advisory consultancy and one of my greatest challenges was the transformation from a manager to executive. I knew being properly prepared for this was crucial. I therefore responded to an email that Clive sent me and I took his 6-session plan. I realised to make the leap I not only had to shift my day-to-day duties and responsibilities but also had to examine goals and issues through an entirely new perspective. I liked the program and it certainly gave me the tools needed to make the transition.

Anja Goosen CA (SA)
Head of Systems at New GX Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd

I am the CFO of an advertising company specializing in outdoor advertising market. I’m 13 years post qualified and have recently being doing a reality check on my whole career. I took up Clive’s offer for a free session just to hear what he had to say. I was impressed enough to take the 6-session program. The course helped me to assess my situation objectively and to also re-assess and confirm my own capabilities. Working with a fellow CA(SA) with years of corporate experience gave me a different view on myself. I gained a lot from this course and I found Clive’s open and forthright approach very valuable. He tells it like it is and this gave me a lot to work with, and I have a clearer idea of my own value, and what to do next.

Corrie Claassen CA(SA)
Finance & IT Manager at Ad Outpost

I have spent many quality years as a financial executive in one of the largest mining houses in SA. I am a CA(SA) combined with an MBA. I have had a fulfilling career and have been satisfied with my progress until last year. A restructuring program gave me a reality check and I realised that I needed a different skill and mindset to take my career to the next level. I heard about Clive via LinkedIn and responded to a personal email that he sent me. I took up his offer to be my coach and found working with Clive refreshing. He has a unique approach that gets straight to the point without holding back any punches. I learnt a lot about myself in relation to the executive environment in which I was operating in. Whereas before I think I was playing myself out, Clive showed me how to position myself very effectively to take me forward in the right direction. The engagements were great and I am happy to recommend it especially if you want a new slant on your career going forward.

Johan Snyman CA(SA) Executive MBA
Finance Professional | Mining, Oil & Gas | optimise value through people, processes and systems

I am a balanced and calm CA(SA), who was generally sure about my intentions and path. I met Clive through a complimentary session that he offered. I had been going through a stressful time at work, where I felt stuck and unsure of where I wanted my career to take me. I decided to do the 6-session package. While it wasn’t an earth-shattering experience, I went through a subtle realization of ‘how things work’ and how powerful I am when I stop making excuses for being me. That was an epiphany. I really enjoyed working with Clive and our sessions helped me find some direction in terms of where I’d like to go next.

I work in a highly competitive environment with some of the smartest people around. It’s tough but I love it! I’ve always thought of getting myself a coach to further my development holistically which no doubt would propel my career. I received an email from Clive which got me interested enough to take up his offer of a complementary session.

Zainab Salloo CA(SA)
Senior Manager – Audit and Assurance

I was intrigued by his comments about the corporate game and how executives differ from managers. I decided to go with the 6-session offering. I learnt some fascinating things, especially about myself. To cut a long story short, I am much the wiser for having learnt the ‘rules-of-the-game’. I have developed a new perspective on my current environment and used this to position myself differently. It was a great and valuable program.

Pearl Tsotetsi CA (SA)
Private Equity transactor at Rand Merchant Bank

On the recommendation if an executive colleague, I decided to get some career coaching. With extensive experience is the financial management, found myself feeling bored and demotivated. I currently hold a CFO position in one of the divisions of a big listed conglomerate. I searched Linkedin for possible coaches and was drawn to Clive because of his years of practical experience at executive level. I have been in my current position for 9 years and needed to re-vitalize my career. Working with Clive opened my eyes to a lot of things. It was a great experience for me. He identified with my situation immediately and moved forward to help me capitalize on my strengths. I began to see myself in a different light. I also began to see that I am the master of my own destiny – this was very empowering. In summary, the 6-session course was very valuable and I would recommend it to any executive.

Danie Ferreira ACMA, CGMA (CIMA)
Chief Financial Officer – Car Hire Brokers (PTY) Ltd – (A company in the Imperial Group)

My experience with executive coaches is very limited. Clive contacted me at the beginning of 2017 and we chatted briefly via skype. It appealed to me that he was a CA(SA) with years of high-level corporate experience. As you can see from my LinkedIn profile I am based in Durban. It just so happened that we were needing an intervention in our company and I shifted our discussions in that direction. I liked Clive’s view on the problem and contracted with him to come and spend a day with the executive team. Although it was quite pricey I made the call that Clive could help us unravel our issue. Instead of working with us as a team, Clive spent time with each executive individually. This gave each of them an opportunity to reassess their value and their potential contribution. At the end of the day he brought us all together as a team and allowed our CEO to take it forward. With Clive’s assistance, we learnt how to deal with people and situations differently and this enabled us to ensure we went on to master future interactions and meetings at a senior level. It was an extremely insightful process. Some of us decided to carry on and do Clive’s executive 6-session Platinum Program. Other than the first session, we conducted all the remaining sessions via Skype which worked well. All in all, working with Clive has enabled me to change my approach, think of everything I do in terms of contribution to my value-added scorecard and placed me in a better position to succeed in my career.

Blake Edy
Financial Director at Gedore Tools SA (Pty) LTD

I’m a Chartered Accountant with many years of high level executive experience. I followed up on an email that Clive sent me and we met. I was intrigued by his perspectives on executive presence and decided to do the 6-session program. All I can say that I got a vastly different perspective on the executive space. Clive’s experience and astuteness allowed me the opportunity to re-examine my own approach to the environment that I work in and to play the game differently. It has also given me a more insightful to approach my work, especially the important relationships. I found the course very valuable.

Mathew Hangaika ACA
Visionary Finance Leader

All I can say is that working with Clive was an eye-opening experience. The things I saw and that I learned have already changed my behaviour at work a lot. I now feel that I have found my personal power again and am much more confident. I understand what I need to do to progress my career. I now feel more charge! I would recommend this course (6 session Platinum Package) to any CA who wants to reinvent themselves.

Megan (Steyn) Kriel CA(SA)
Audit Manager – Corporate and Investment Banking at Standard Bank Group

I’m senior executive at Vodacom. I’ve always wanted to get myself an executive coach but never really connected with anyone that I felt could grasp my situation and where I was aiming my career. I was attracted to Clive largely because he was a CA(SA). He also had had a long career in corporate dealing at a similar level to where I was aiming. I took him up on the complementary session to check out what this could mean to me. I had nothing to lose. For me it was a breath of fresh air. Clive just homed in on exactly what was going on for me. I realised that I had being playing the wrong game. He had an excellent understanding of the upper executive space and was spot on with how the game plays out. The insight that I obtained from this coaching course was a major eye-opener. I’m now in a far better position to drive my career forward and take charge of where I want to be. All I can say is that I have a solid sense of my own value-add. If your career has stalled it’s probably because you’re playing the wrong game.

Robert Burger (CA)SA
Finance Executive @ Vodafone

I had been following Clive on LinkedIn for some time. A lot of his articles spoke directly to me. I took up the offer of the complementary session. Meeting Clive was something very different. He is also a CA but has lots of corporate experience. The way he explained the power-plays that go on at work made a lot of sense to me. I decided to take the 6 session package. It has been greatly beneficial to me. I see myself in a different light. Clive showed me how to step up to the next level. I now know what I need to do. I learnt a lot from this program and feel that I have undergone a change from a good manager into an effective executive. You would be well advised to do this course.

Freddie Mitchell CA(SA)RA, EO, CISA
Head of Internal Audit at South African Bureau of Standards

The changes that I have experienced since I have taken the coaching course with Clive has been big. I’m now more confident of myself and in my role. Clive has helped me to know more about myself and my capabilities.
Having learnt how the game is played in the corporate space I am so much more aware of how to position myself for maximum advantage. I’m like a totally different person and I like myself this way. I have my personal power back! I recommend this course to any CA who is looking to claim their executive space.

Sarurai (Nyazika) Mangwanda
Chief Financial Officer at Save the Children South Africa

I decided to do a coaching course with Clive because I was stuck in and unhappy in my career. I am a CFO with a multi-national and my working expectations were ridiculous with little recognition. I was exhausted and trapped. Working with Clive was a eye-opening experience. I began to realize that I was playing the game in the wrong way. He used an example that I connected with – “you can’t play cricket when everyone else is playing soccer”. This struck a chord with me. Learning to play the game differently has transformed my approach to my career and already I have experienced significant changes. I am now ready to take a big step up in my career.

Rusinda De Jager CA(SA)
CFO – Trelleborg South Africa

I have to say that when I met Clive I was not feeling very good about my career. I had just resigned my position as CFO of a company as I found the CEO very difficult and abusive and I was not prepared to take it anymore. Even though I am a mature executive I was worried that the job market was shaky. Working with Clive changed all of that. He helped really see my own value and find my own special offering. Using LinkedIn, we worked on doing my own marketing of myself – I was only too grateful as I hate working with recruiters. In summary, the course was money well spent – I found my confidence again and I now have work which is not exactly what I want but at least I feel far more in control of my own destiny.

FP van Oudtshoorn CA(SA)
Top rated Financial Executive looking for new opportunities.


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