Let’s face it. Life is becoming increasingly challenging. The fast pace of change is staggering. What applied yesterday is already falling out of vogue. New ideas and new concepts are bouncing into the ether at an alarming rate every single day.

How does one deal with this ever-changing world and stay ahead of the curve. Well, with great difficulty. The real challenge is to STAY FOCUSED. And with the constant bombardment of the internet/social media it is very easy to find oneself flitting all over the place. In the process not enough gets done. In fact it’s like trying to function with half a head.

The secret to maintain some semblance of sanity is to get yourself a reliable and independent support/accountability partner and meet with them regularly. The advantages?

  1. They help you to develop a workable strategy by simply allowing you to hear     your own thoughts being expressed. In his book The Empty Raincoat,  Charles Handy posed the question “HOW CAN I KNOW WHAT I THINK UNTIL I HEAR MYSELF SPEAK?”
  2. The objectivity of an independent person allows for a nonjudgmental interaction which allows you to FIND NEW PARTS OF YOURSELF previously unknown.
  3. Setting goals is one thing but achieving them is an entirely different matter.     Working with another person allows for a process that HOLDS YOU ACCOUNTABLE.
  4. Regular contact ensures that you OVERCOME BAD HABITS.
  5. An astute support partner will help you IDENTIFY YOUR PASSION.

And here is the most important part. PAY for this service and get yourself a good COACH.

And remember that free advice is worth every cent that you pay for it.


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