Is there such a thing as the Law of Attraction?

Well, who knows.

What I do know and experienced first hand is the law of awareness.

Unlike the law of attraction the law of awareness proposes the same thing but in a more palatable way, with none of the magical stuff.

So here goes.

When you change your mind about looking at things differently, you become aware of things that you had not noticed before. Thus what appears to be coming at you anew has been there all the time – you just have not been conscious enough to notice it.

Yes, I get that people have had magical experiences and I also get that there is some quantum dynamic out there in the ether. But from a practical point of view it is all about taking the decision to become more conscious and developing the willingness to step out of your own limiting beliefs into new ways of being.

The real challenge is to get under all that mind-talk and find out who you really are.

So it looks something like this:

You get a call from a friend asking you out to a party. The mind jumps in and        says, by default, “No I’m too tired. There is no-one there that I like. The              country is such a mess what the hell’s the point…blah…blah.”


        You can say ”I’m open to new opportunities. Let me put myself out                 there. I will not believe what my mind is telling me because I actually do not         know what will happen. Let’s go for it and see how it unfolds.”

Two exponentially different mind sets.

You can be assured that in the latter case you will attract much more to yourself than in the former. What’s even more laughable is in the former state you might even land up saying “Nothing ever exciting happens to me” having missed the fact the ringing of phone was the potential opportunity for newness and excitement.

When you set an intention, you create an awareness. Accordingly you begin to see things that were always there but never noticed.

This is partly how it works – the rest is magic.


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