In my youth there was a bunch of guys who called themselves The Beach Boys. They played a preppy kind of music and one of their more popular songs was called Good Vibrations. This was at the beginning of the Hippy era and hence the term ‘vibes’ was born to describe your attitude – ‘hey man, I dig your vibe’. Or ‘you are giving off a bad vibe’.

In the quantum space the theory is that, because we are made up of the same stuff (atoms, quarks, etc), everything is connected. Our attitudes create our energy and this is passed onto others through this connectivity. Or the vibes we give off.

I have said previously said that the jury is still out on the quantum stuff aka Deepak Chopra and other such commentators.

But, once again, there is something more basic going on here. Attitude does affect outcomes. And attitudes can definitely be picked up by others.

So here is the bottom line.

You create what you get – it’s as simple as that.

Good attitude, good outcome. Bad attitude, bad outcome.



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