There is something profoundly powerful about the picture above.

It tells a story of an emergence and an awakening.

It seems that there are some who are totally blindfolded (the blue people) whilst others are in various states of awareness (the yellow/orange people).

It might be that whoever painted this picture had some mysterious spiritual transformation in mind.

Nevertheless, I like it. To me it depicts the process of change.

So, how do you see yourself? Are you the one supposedly happily following the crowd or have you taken the initiative and opened my eyes to take in what is really going on?

So I leave you with this question – WHAT ARE YOU PRETENDING NOT TO KNOW? 

It could be something really scary like “I actually hate accounting – I’ve studied all these years, got my CA(SA) and I hate accounting!”

The answer to this question could be the beginning of your transformation. 



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