How would you like to have your office right on the top of this beautiful landscape?


Not anymore.

Technology is now making it possible to run an office from a car parked at a water hole in the Pilanesberg Game Park whilst watching elephants having a swim.

What with wi-fi, Skype, the scanner and 4G who needs an office?

And then there’s FreeLance and Fivver – who needs permanent staff?

You can outsource just about anything today (even the tea lady) at a fraction of the cost.

This all came together for me when I asked a prospective client where his office was and he replied “I have a virtual office”.

Furthermore, social media platform are allowing for a new form of networking which is far more powerful than anything we’ve seen before.

And if you have to meet an important client, it is quite acceptable to arrange a coffee at one of the up-market venues available all around the city.

Where is this all going?

Well with the ever increasing traffic problems and the high cost of transport why leave your home if everything can be done while sitting in your favourite armchair?


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