I had such an interesting experience yesterday morning.

Last week I committed to give away some money. It wasn’t a large amount – in fact it was R50.

I had put the money aside in my cupboard so that I would not forget.

So yesterday I resolved to give the money to a street beggar. I knew there was a man who stood at an intersection on Louise Botha Ave. So I took that way home.

When I arrived at the traffic light, he was standing on the pavement  fiddling with some papers looking despondent and totally disinterested in doing what he did best – begging.

So I drove on. And he lost out. I gave it to the next robot man I came to. 

Then I realized that there is an interesting lesson here.

Had he known that there was R50 up for grabs, he would have been out there giving it all he had. Somewhere along the line he had lost faith in the process and withdrawn from the game in disillusionment.

And that decision for him was a game changer. Had he been there ready and eager he would have got the R50 and possibly his needs for the whole week would have been taken care of.

Taking your eye off the ball maybe the one time that it needs to stay on it.

There is an American football saying that goes like this:

“Always be on the high receive”

It basically means that when you are playing your game always be ready for anything.

It’s a nice term with a great message. A breakthrough could present itself when you least expect it!

When in business (or career) always be on the high receive so that you are there when an opportunity arises.



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