The story of Little Red Riding Hood is partly about the naivety of the child – the need to pretend that everything is alright when it is perfectly obvious that it is not.

Even though we grow into adults, the inner child’s naivety remains.

Some of us have this part of ourselves well nurtured.

The result?

Expressions of creative spontaneity and fun.

But if, however, the inner child remains neglected, angry and hurt, havoc could ensue! – and it will raise its ugly head in the work place at a time when it is the most unhelpful!

There is nothing particularly astonishing about this.

Simply put, children have a tendency to turn things into a catastrophe. In other words they explode ordinary events into major disasters.

If you have children you will know the surprising energy that is expressed when you take a sweet away from a two year old – it certainly appears as though the world has come to an end!

From an adults perspective this is silly and reactive –  and exceedingly annoying.

But, as a parent, you know that if you are able to take the child in your arms and quietly explain why you took away the sweet, they quickly calm down and normality is restored.


Because they are assured that indeed the world will carry on normally, Mommy still loves them  and they are safe and okay.

Similarly if you have failed to access and engage your inner child it is likely that these excessively reactive emotions will emerge when you least of all want them to.

If you often feel angry or hurt then you are experiencing some of these symptoms. Usually they play out in sulking or resentful behavior. Sometimes it might blow up into out and out conflict – argumentative and hostile.

Obviously this will not work if you need to be a team player.

Accordingly most people suppress these emotions. This plays out in what is called a pleasing drama – an excessive need for approval. This impacts negatively on their relationships with their employees as well as their boss.

The result?

If any of this resonates with you, you will be labelled as immature and not ready for that promotion that you so desperately want.

The moral of the story?

The reason you are not making the appropriate progress in your career is seldom about them . . .  it’s usually about you.

This is empowering news.

So get it handled.


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