It took me sometime to learn that there is a good chance that impulsive buying will get me a sub-optimal deal.

Patience, together with some solid research is one the most effective ways to acquire the things you want. With access to the internet, this is far easier than it has ever been.

This is a general rule.

But in business it is especially valuable – feigning disinterest is a powerful mechanism in good brinkmanship.

It usually results in getting the seller worried enough to drop the price. This is assuming that the seller is not playing you at your own game (presumably because he has already factored this little spat into his offer).

One of the most effective mechanisms in the negotiation process is feigning disinterest. Use it effectively and you will usually get the best deal.

It’s about containing your power.

Ever heard of  the term “it’s a buyer’s market”? 

So capitalise on your power as a buyer – feign disinterest!