Ask any of the most successful entrepreneurs and they will tell you – they failed many more times than they succeeded.

This is quite astonishing.

Isn’t success just plain success?

Well, apparently not.

That worn out rendition of Thomas Edison’s journey in the discovery of the electric light bulb is too often repeated is an affirmation of this very idea.

Stepping into the entrepreneurial space is usually a mine field of failures. Just when you think you’re getting ahead on one aspect some other issue rears its ugly head and brings you crashing down.

Expect a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and you will be in a better mental position to deal with the birth pains of your business.

And it’s a lot of it is about managing your mental position.

This is not optimism and it’s not positive thinking.

It’s a deep passionate belief that what you are doing will work.

It’s about constantly reconnecting with your vision and realistically assessing your progress.

It’s about taking full responsibility for everything that happens and instead of saying ‘why does this always happen to me’, you say to yourself ‘so what am I going to do about it?’

Winston Churchill put it so well when he said: 

Success is going from failure to failure without losing your passion and energy