It never ceases to amaze me just how people tie themselves up in knots and agonise about things that are blatantly false!

In one of my packages the first session is an intimate look at goals, values, strengths and weaknesses. I send the client a coaching questionnaire which they need to complete before we meet. The questions are evoking. They are those questions that you have always wanted answers to but just don’t get around to asking.

It is without doubt the most valuable session of them all!

Why do I say this?

Because all the misplaced self-judgements emerge. Those sharp negative accusations that people have on themselves come to the fore with a vengeance.

It is just so obvious to see!

The thing is, by reframing these issues or events into other possibilities, their confusion becomes untangled and people once again get in touch with their own true intentions.

The thing that always amazes me is the release these people experience when they have the opportunity to see things from an objective perspective.

Furthermore their sense of esteem rises dramatically – it’s magical!

Are you tied up in knots over past mistakes?