Just because you have an executive title does not mean that you are an executive. You judge. Just ask yourself the question: Am I in the ‘inner circle’?

There is one thing that I learnt in my corporate experience – there is a big difference between a manager and an executive. The roles are poles apart!

To be elevated into the executive space is a creation – a creation by you. It is what you do and don’t do that will assure you a place on the executive team. Nobody comes to fetch an executive – executives fetch themselves by stepping up and claiming their space.

So here are 10 distinct pointers to consider when you assess yourself as an executive:

  1. Do not align yourself with your staff.You need to be sufficiently separated so that you look like you are in charge of your space – dump familiarity! Your open-door-policy does not mean that they can barge in whenever they like. Set some boundaries.
  2. Position yourself closer to your boss.The only way to become an executive is to work closely with another executive – your boss is all you have. Become her/his second-in-charge.
  3. Always be thinking in terms of value-add.KPI’s are usually the measure but value-add is the real decider.
  4. Avoid conflict at all costs.It wastes time and costs energy. Get creative about getting what you want. If you feel yourself getting emotional, disengage. You give your power away by being confrontational and your maturity is questioned.
  5. Arrive with answers not questions.Think things through before you wander into your boss’s office with queries. Make like you know what you’re doing and not be continuously asking questions. People who do this are regarded as high maintenance and not executive material.
  6. Claim your space at meetings.If it’s your meeting, sit at the top of the table even though your boss is present. You might ask if he/she wants to sit there but usually they will allow you that honour because it is executive behaviour.
  7. Check everything carefullybefore giving it to your boss. Mistakes are never appreciated!
  8. Never miss a deadline.If issues develop that prevent you from delivering on time then re-negotiate. Don’t arrive at the late minute and say you have not done the assignment.
  9. Never ask for an increase unless you can support it with some kind of value-add If you are not adding the value you will be rejected in any case. Using such excuses as being paid under market or that you simply deserve more will compromise you development.
  10. Dress for the occasion.This includes your shoes, belt and pen. Don’t arrive with a chewed up pen and a dog-eared pad. Be sure you look the part.

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