As you probably know I hate call centres, especially when backed by a team of badly trained staff and shocking background music. But my pet-hate is the computerised computer voice delivering outrageously long menu options. It aggravates me no end that companies consider it ‘okay’ for me to do their work when I am paying them for the service. It’s as outrageous as asking a stranger for a lift and then expecting them to stop to do your weekly shopping on the way.

There is no doubt that service levels are deteriorating at an eye-watering rate.

In the past week I had the displeasure of dealing with three separate corporate servicingofferings each of which were more frustrating than the next. I wasted 3 hours of my valuable time trying to get them to do what they should have done in the first place. And then there was the after-shock of elevated blood pressure, kicking the dog and yelling at my wife as I tried to claw my way back to normality.

The pre-sales experience you can be sure is impeccable! But I get a distinct sense that once they have got you, it’s all downhill from there. That maddens me – but nothing makes me more enraged than having to hang on waiting for an agent as though you were calling the electricity department! The blatant chutzpa of expecting me to wait an inordinate amount of time (sometimes 20 minutes and beyond!), drives me into a state of distraction.

Maybe I sound like a grumpy old man but I can tell you this: the sooner I can get away for the entrapment of large organisations and their despicable service, the longer I’m going to be alive. Call centres are a health hazard!

Enter the latest service offering that will disrupt these arrogant institutions once and for all.


This elaborate system is promising to turn the financial processes into a simple virtual experience. Seamless payments, extensive audit trails, unlimited access to information, buy/sell shares, transfer property, obtain forex and set up LC’s all at the bush of a button. Oh, glory be! At last these opulent financial institutions have met their match. In fact, they are facing a tsunami that will disrupt them into oblivion!

Blockchain will give me back my power. It will allow me to be fully in control of my financial transactions entirely outside the banking system. It will deliver an environment where I will be free of the lowly service that I have been complaining about.

So, whilst pretending to offer good service and enjoying the fruits of huge bonuses, our wayward financial institutions are paddling themselves down the river into oblivion.

This will be the greatest subterranean social revolution of all time. One day these institutions will wake up to find that their customers, who they thought were imprisoned by their systems, have fled.

Hence the greatest Kodak Moment (oh dear, where did our product go?) of all time! And I will be the first in line with my tongue out and gloating in my righteousness!

To hell with them all!

Buy Bitcoin, today!

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