There have been some surprisingly shocking revelations made recently.

The scientific world went through a tremulous transformation some 70 years ago.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a scientist in any form or fashion. I’m a CA which just makes me the kind of individual that queries ideas and concepts in order to establish how it affects my picture of the world – and my worldview is carved out using numbers.

Everything I look at on the physical domain, passes through my analytical brain and comes out the other side as a financial picture of sorts. That’s my training and I’m proud of it as I think it is a valuable way of looking at the world.

Now, I’m not crossing any lines here – I acknowledge that there is a spiritual domain that operates completely differently and am fully bought into the idea of a Higher Powerwhich operates inexplicably beyond the physical domain. And of course financial picturing plays no part of this formation. Not that there is blind faith, but their are fundamental principles that cross over into an understanding that lacks the usual logical predictions.

What has been crossing my radar screen quite a lot lately is the new thinking in the way in which the world relates to us. Some of the greatest human minds of all time have been devoted to obtaining a better understanding of why things happen the way they do. This is a stern discipline that only accepts hard empirical evidence. before drawing any conclusions. It is stark, brutal and unfeeling. It does not believe in vagueness and detests emotion. ‘Stick with the facts,’ it says!

The CA profession has a similar thinking paradigm. It prefers to be unemotional and also wants to stick with the facts. It is a little bit more flexible in its approach as that it can comfortably operate within the boundaries of materiality and still come up with meaningful conclusions. This is alien to the sciences which prefers preciseness and accuracy before it can draw meaningful conclusions.

Enter the disruption!

Until recently, science based itself on linear modelling. Its predictions always assumed that things followed a linear pattern.

Now this is not mindless – this idea has been developed in the sciences by many great thinkers over the course of human history.

And one day this suddenly all changes.

One day, a small somewhat irrelevant experiment is carried out by a little-known scientist who establishes that, when examining the scientific attributes of light, the linear principle is destroyed. What should have happened based on traditional scientific theory did not occur.

I’m not going to delve into the technicalities of this experiment nor even try and remember this scientists name. What I want to stress is that a whole new thinking of how the world relates to us was born on this day.

This was to become known as Quantum Physics.

Well, this is all very interesting. But what has this to do with business, finance and accountancy?

Nothing – well certainly not now.

But the progressive development of this new science is opening up possibilities that are mind boggling. Again I am not wanting to get into the nitty-gritty detail and jargon.

What has emerged from all of this something can come from nothing! This new science is claiming that human beings have the power to interact with the universe at a sub-atomic level to the degree that they can manifest whatever they desire.

Some of you may have read a cultist book that came out a few years ago called The Secret. It became surprisingly popular overnight notwithstanding that it made the most outrageous claims about personal power and the law of attraction. Its claims were so preposterous that only a fool would even consider such nonsense! It said that there existed a natural law inherent in the universe that allowed an individual to create anything that their heart desired. Furthermore the process was so simple that anybody could use it – all they had to do was define the thing they wanted and visualise their attainment thereof. And Wallah! It would arrive!

Yes, this is preposterous. But consider for a moment that this was a real possibility.Consider what the world would look like if we could all just sit down, visualise what we wanted and it would arrive exactly as we had envisaged.


Well here is the part that is spectacularly exciting.

According to quantum physics, this whole concept is entirely plausable. A lot of the thinking is still being developed. But the staggering part is that science is now claiming that this is possible – and it is on its way into all our lives! There is growing evidence that we all have the power to create exactly what we want.

Now this is a disruption that will dwarf anything that has come before it. Virtual reality, 3D printing and just about anything else will pale into insignificance should the existence of such a power be confirmed!

Should quantum physics prove it claim we will enter an era of profound self-actualisation.

The consequences?

I’ll leave you with your own predictions.