The post-holiday blues.

Definition: That dread-feeling that you get when you wake up in the morning with your mind still on the beach and the nauseating thought of fighting your way through the traffic to work.

I know we are into the beginning of the second month and a lot of you have settled back a bit. But if that feeling is still there, don’t despair – it’s quite normal.

So, here’s the good news: That holiday you took was a real refresher. It cleaned out your head and relaxed your body. This combination has a magical effect. It rejuvenates your creative energy and gives you a massive boost into a new frame of mind. You might be saying “Awh! Rubbish! It’s always the same-ole-same-ole”.

Well, if you’re in that space then be patient – you are still to experience this experience. There is a rider, though – you need to see it when it comes because if you don’t, you’ll miss the wave. Then you have a longer wait and you run the risk of missing it altogether.

The question is how do you know when it arrives?

Of course we are all different but let me tell you how I experience it.

  • I got back from holiday on Thursday 11th January. It was the end of the week and I essentially had a clear run until Monday. That gave me 4 days to acclimatise.
  • Come Monday I’m feeling really slow. My head is muzzy and my back is sore probably due to mattress-change. I’m just wishing I was back at the sea. By late afternoon I’m kinda deeply depressed so I jump in my car and head out towards my favourite bush retreat, Rietvlei. Rietvlei is 30 minutes from my doorstep and is the best kept secret around and about. It’s a compact game park just this side of Pretoria. I snap some of my best photo’s ever on this late afternoon jaunt. I hang around there until 19.00 sucking ever last delicious moment out of the day before I head back home.
  • Tuesday opens up with a bad headache and a empty feeling at the pit of my stomach. I look at the Bitcoin price and start to feel really bad! “What the hell happened” I whine to myself. “It should $35,000 by now”. This low energy space lasts the rest of the week. Fortunately my diary was relatively empty!
  • Needing more support, I book a session with 2 on my own coaches. This helps a lot because they compassionately empathise with my condition and prevent me from draining more emotional energy.
  • Now we are in week starting 29th January. Things are slowly beginning to turn. Although I’m sluggish in body, my mind has done an interesting shift. It’s getting organised! I don’t notice immediately but it creeps up on me when I suddenly notice that my to-do list is fleshing out and my instructions to my staff are crisper. I even started on my plan for the year and some interesting new ideas are forming.
  • momentum is building – my body’s catching up with my mind and I’m starting to pump. I feel a renewed energy and I’m excited. I’m on a trot and know this is going to be a great year. I’m firing on all cylinders. All the creative ideas that I have been working on are taking shape. I feel inspired and I’m ready to take massive action. This is going to be the best year ever. It’s great to be alive!

Even though I’m not ready to start my diet, I’ll get there soon. I’ll start off by walking 10 minutes a day and take it from there. . . . and add on 2 glasses of water (a day) just for fun.

So, get ready! 2018 could be your best year ever!