Being in the career advisory space, I often encounter clients who are appear (especially to themselves) to be seriously stuck – they spend wasteful time negatively judging themselves, comparing themselves with others and drawing inaccurate conclusions. From where I sit, it is easy to understand why they just don’t know which way to go – what is the next step?

My response to this is simply: “Welcome to the human race!” In other words, this is so prevalent that it is more than normal!

A surprisingly high number of professionals are in this space, especially those who are under 10 years post qualified. That would include a number of under-35’s.

Using a few searching and hard-hitting questions it becomes patently obvious that usually what is actually happening is that they are simply avoiding what needs to be done.

So here is a good question to contemplate:

What do you think you are being called out to do right now?

In other words, in the work place what is the one thing you are avoiding that can break you through to the next level?

Now I’m not talking about tidying your office draws or cleaning out your brief case. I’m referring to the big stuff – the risky stuff.

So what would that be for you right now? What are you pretending not to know?

If you feel ‘ambushed’ with this one then know that there is value to be gained.

Here are a few possible stress points needing attention:

  1. That staff member that is coming in late every day that needs to be handled.
  2. That incident with your boss that you need to clear.
  3. That colleague who always takes pot-shots at you in meetings
  4. The audit manager who is too big for his boots
  5. The CEO’s secretary who treats you like a child
  6. The grumpy old warehouse manager who always makes you feel inferior
  7. That presentation at Exco that you have been wanting to do but have been avoiding
  8. That report that you could write which would highlight valuable changes that you have been avoiding.

All these ‘unfinished business’ stuff drains your energy and leaves you open to attack by yourself,

The operative phrase here is the part about energy drain. 

And more.

We all have our own unique issues that we need to break through to get to the next level.

By not taking action now, you land up accusing yourself of being ineffective.

This does not do much to nourish confidence levels. And there is always that other person who looks like they can handle anything and make you feel ‘shown up’.

It is this mind-set that really gets in the way of personal development.

You can pretend that no one notices.

But here is the bad news. . . . your boss notices.

So, what’s it going to be?

. . . . . stepping up or stepping away?